Morris BMG focuses on businesses which are established and operating in our target sectors. Emphasis is given to those companies that are in a situation that represents fundamental value but that are lacking growth vision, neglected by average investors and even financially under-managed.

Our strategy is to invest primarily in management buyouts (MBOs), expansion capital and consolidation opportunities (buy-and-build).

Our target companies typically have high quality operational management, stable revenues, good market share and strong growth potential. However, these companies often lack access to financing, strategic expertise and restructuring opportunities.

The team uses its management support skills to provide financing and expertise in a wide range of areas such as improvement of financial controls, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) execution, strategy, development and execution of a growth plan. This expansion may be organic, as tighter controls and asset management often encourage growth opportunities that did not exist previously.

The team uses its network of contacts to strengthen its portfolio companies by facilitating new contracts, accelerating geographical expansion and introducing potential partners.

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